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30 August 2007
Stockholm goodby - Tillbaka till Tyskland
This is my last blog entry from Sweden. For my international friends being able to read it, I composed it in English. You will find former Blog-entires about Sweden HERE.
I had an exhilarating time here and really enjoyed working abroad. That's why I decided to apply for a diploma thesis abroad. On the 30th of June Mrs. Wagner of the International Office at the University of Applied Science Ulm told me that my application at the CUT Bloemfontein (South Africa) was accepted. I am really happy about this great new opportunity!

Home sweet home

Most people visiting this city expect only blond and very tall girls. But as there are people from lots of different nationalities and cultures living in Stockholm, you won't see that many blond and Swedish looking girls. Never the less ... I like these blue eyes and that nice blond hair ... Wow!

By now I really love that city with it's rivers, bridges and these nice small lanes in the Old Town. In Stockholm I don't miss those much. Södermalm, for example, is hard to beat for good cafes and a varied nightlife. At the Systembolaget (drinks with more than 3.5% alcohol are only sold there) and some pubs you can get a good German Franziskaner Whitebeer as well as in Germany. And with the underground railway you will reach every corner of the city within a few minutes.

In the summer there are always some festivals (Smaka på Stockholm, Tall Ships' Races, Stockholms kulturfestival ...) with great bands like Yamato playing for free on the Kunstrad garden. And the best thing is that there is a free journal called "What's On?" listing all the cool events of the current month.

Ferry Trips
Different ferry-companies (SiljaLine, VikingLine, Birka-Cruises...) are located in Stockholm. With their ships you can reach lots of interesting places very cheap (e.g. Stockholm-Riga and back for less than 20 Eur). But we only visited Tallinn, Helsinki and Mariehamn. Tallinn has a very beautiful oldtown, nice cafes and bars. It's always a visit worth. But for big parties on the ferry I would recommend Helsinki and the party-cruise to Mariehamn off course.

About the people (pro)
All the people here are able to talk a really good British English. I met only 3 people not able to talk English during my whole placement (6 months)! I think one reason is that the Swedish television mainly broadcasts films in English with Swedish subtitles. Cause writing subtitles doesn't take as long as synchronizing a film many films run in Sweden much earlier than in Germany.

In my opinion most people in Sweden where very friendly, helpful, calm and easy going "Ta det lungt". If you have to wait somewhere in Sweden they always stand in a queue. In the T-bana-station everyone can easily leave the train even in the rush-hours! It's really comfortable if you don't have to fight your way out of a public transport vehicle as I know it from Germany. Everywhere you can find the Kölapp (Queue-Number-Ticket) you can sit somewhere or do something else whilst waiting that your number is shown on the display.

About the people (contra)
But one thing is very strange. They often gave us their email-address or mobile number to call them. But if you invite them to a barbecue, a party or just going out in Stockholm most of them are always occupied and don't have time.
For example a friend of mine got to know some Swedish Exchange-Students during her studies in Germany, went out with them very often and became very good friends. But now she lives in Sweden since one and a half years and only met one of them infrequently because the others were always occupied.
And on my fly back to Germany I talked with a woman that lives in Sweden since 1960 and she affirmed what I and my friends experienced in Sweden. So I think the Swedish people are a little bit strange and reserved.
I am not quite sure why. But not all Swedish people are like that. Martina and Erika for example often visited our cocktail-parties, went out with us in Stockholm and took part in celebrating my birthday.

One thing that also came to my attention was that Swedish people sometimes forget everything about friendship if a friend of them is drunk. I experienced that they don't help them even if they know each other for years. I brought a Swedish guy that was not able to stand nor to talk to his home. His not too drunk friends did not really pay attention.

Beside the technical supporters in the company I want to dedicate a hjärtlig tack to my family and all my friends from Germany and Spain for their mental support, many visits and their unconditional assistance during my placement in Sweden.
And last but not least I thank my new friends (especially Anna, Christina, Kerstin, Mona, Sören and Svea) that I got to know at Elisabeth Manthey's Swedish course and Elisabeth herself for not only giving me the possibility to learn the Swedish language but also about the Swedish culture.

Diploma Thesis in South Africa
My semester (semester translates "vacation" in Swedish *g*) at the CUT in Bloemfontein will start on the 11th of January. Bloemfontein is the capital city and 6th biggest city of South Africa. The kind meaning of the city name in Afrikaans and Dutch is "flower spring" or "fountain of flowers".
As the city with it's own airport has a population of more than 600.000
I think I need not to be afraid about a too high crime rate.
Some of you might know that I participated in an "Open Water Diver"-course in Sweden. Luckily PADI provides that course in English as well as in Swedish. For Diving and Surfing South Africa should be the right place according to the websites I found. Yeah!

Absolut Svensk Musik
Linda Bengtzing - Alla Flickor
Markoolio - Ingen Sommas Utan Reggae
Carola - Fångad av en stormvind

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